International Marathon
with Sergey Ryazanskiy, pilot-astronaut, Hero of the Russian Federation

Main prize: climbing the Orizaba volcano with Sergey Ryazanskiy and the team of Kombat Tours

For young participants: session at space camp Kosmos.Camp

You can join the Marathon any moment!
Whom the Marathon is created for?
Want to become more sportive and to start forming right habits?
Want to be a part of a global healthy movement?
Dream to climb the mexican volcano Orizaba with Sergey Ryazanskiy?
Participate in a marathon #cosmostraining. Remember that EVERYTHING is in your hands.
«When watching the Earth from the space, no borders you can see. All the borders are in our head»Sergey Ryazanskiy
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These people support the International Marathon «COSMOS TRAINING 3.0». They are the ambassadors of healthy habits, healthy lifestyle and thought.
Our coach Sergey Ryazanskiy

Hero of the Russian Federation, a man who has twice completed space training and has been in outer space

Why participate at the Marathon?

Today with the team of Kombat Tours and with the support of State space corporation Roscosmos we are launching the International Marathon COSMOS TRAINING for the whole world!

We decided to unite people of the planet who are isolating themselves for common safety. As an astronaut, I know how important the support, motivation and positive spirit is. Especially in our time. Only together, through sports and daily achievements, can we overcome any diseases, become stronger and healthier!

The marathon's mission is to distantly unite and support people in a situation of isolation, instill a healthy lifestyle and thoughts through regular sports, without going out in public places.

Our goal is to bring together 100 000 participants from all over the world – adults and children, to train with professional fitness coaches, national heroes and stars for nine weeks.

Register on this site and join our Marathon. It's free of charge. The whole planet is training! Be healthy! Let's go!

Terms of participation

Who can participate in the Marathon?

Everyone can participate in the Marathon. To participate you need to register in the registration form on the website The whole planet is training!

How will the results be evaluated?

At the end of each week the coaches and the jury will select 6 finalists (3 in the adult category and 3 in the youth category): by “likes” under the post of the week, by creativity, by the technique of task performing and by rating inside the group. Be sure to put #cosmostraining hashtag and special hashtags of the week under the post. The jury also pays attention to the weekly challenges and to the space avatar of your account. Don't forget that your Instagram account must be open!

How will I get the tasks?

The Campaign tasks are published weekly in the format of a video with a detailed description in the Instagram account @cosmosmarathon and on the website of the marathon and also in story format in the Instagram account of Sergey Ryazanskiy @sergeyiss.

Communication with the coach-curator is carried out via the Telegram messenger. To participate you have to install it on your smartphone. The coach sends the tasks of the Marathon and unique hashtags of the week to the Telegram chat, as well as regular additional exercises.

What is the prize for the winners?

There are 3 prizes for adults * Marathon participants:
1st place - participation in the expedition Climbing the Orizaba volcano with astronaut Sergey Ryazanskiy and the team of Kombat Tour to Mexico. Learn more about the expedition >> 
2nd place – certificate for a family holiday in Porto Mare hotel in Russian for 6 nights / 7 days. The certificate includes: accommodation in a room, HB with a buffet service, complex of baths in SPA and the beach complex.
3rd place – participation in the forum «Team № 1» in 2021.
There are 3 prizes for young * participants of the Marathon. For each winner - participation in the space camp Kosmos.Camp of Sergey Ryazanskiy. Learn more about the camp >> There are additionally provided the prizes from the sponsors of the Marathon.

*All participants aged 16 and over are considered adults. Young participants are considered up to 15 years of age including.

**Air tickets, railway tickets and other types of transfer to the country of the tour and back, are arranged by the participant on their own and at their own expense. Due to the adverse epidemiological situation associated with the spread of a new coronavirus infection in the world, the Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the dates of the tour or replace it with another event equivalent to the program in the event of force majeure.

Is it obligatory to perform all the tasks to get to the final?

Yes. And it is also obligatory to publish the reports of accomplished video tasks by Sergey Ryazanskiy. Even if you joined the Marathon, for example, in its third week you have to perform the video tasks of the first and second weeks as well to get to the final. So, by the end of eight weeks of training your Instagram account should have eight posts with the hashtag #cosmostraining and special hashtags of the week (#cosmostraining1 and #cosmostraining1_last name_of the coach_in_latin, where the number depends on the week). The winners of the week will not get to the final if they do not accomplish even one of Sergey Ryazanskiy's video tasks.

How many finalists and winners will there be?

The same participant can become the winner of the week and go to the final only once. Thus, at the end of eight weeks, there will be determined up to 48 finalists (24 adult and 24 young winners of the week). Based on the results of the final task, there will be selected 6 winners (3 in the adult category and 3 in the youth category).


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