International Marathon
with Sergey Ryazanskiy, pilot-astronaut, Hero of the Russian Federation

Main prize: climbing the Orizaba volcano with Sergey Ryazanskiy and the team of Kombat Tours

For young participants: session at space camp Kosmos.Camp

The whole planet is training!
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Marathon tasks

Task #9 for kids
Ninth challenge for young contestants of “Cosmos training”. Ultimate skill is speed reading. You will be given a text that you need to read fast yet clear, with intonation and emotions - and cope within one minute. In addition to that you will need to write an essay about major learnings from the Marathon and why it is you who deserves to go to Cosmos camp.
Task #9 for adults
Last challenge will be most complicated obviously. A real Cosmothlon! It will be a combination of physical exercises and a creative part as usual. This time it will be an essay with the theme “Marathon”.
Task #8 for kids

Useful skill of this week is to learn speed typing! Test yourself in a special program. Write the result of the first day and the last one. 

Put a video on your Instagram with marathon hashtags.

Task #8 for adults

Challenge of this week is not easy! We called it: “Weightlessness”. Men need to do pull ups with a coup on the horizontal bar.  Women just do pull-ups. Let's see who does the most in a minute.

Topic of the week: music from your region or your family’s favorite music. Find a creative approach to this task.

Task #7 for kids

You should make a video of doing 1000 steps in your apartment, please speed the video up when posting it. Moving is living! Despite being in confined space  on the ISS you will still need to maintain physical activity. 

Put a video on your Instagram with marathon hashtags.

Task #7 for adults

This week’s challenge is meant to be filmed in your yard and you may involve your friends and family.  Exercise is called “First cosmic velocity”. 

You need to improvise to cover distance of 1 km. You may organize it 
as a relay and clap one’s palm to pass the turn. Result will be estimated on the basis of timer in your video. Doing it with someone will be definitely more fun!

Theme of the week is Summer - what did it bring you?

Task #6 for kids

Sixth challenge for young contestants of “Cosmos training” is a culinary one.

Come up with a  healthy astronaut’s breakfast recipe and make a video of cooking it.

Post it in Instagram, use hashtags.

Task #6 for adults

This week’s task is called Force of Gravity.

You need to do sit ups on one leg keeping your second leg kneeled on a sofa. As usual - as many as you can per one minute. You can switch legs as long as you keep up good rhythm. 

For those who claim to win in technique, your coach will report additional requirements.

Theme of the week: Immunity and fighting the Virus. How do you boost your immune system? Herbs? Garlic? Use theme to make your video more creative.


Task #5 for kids

You need to learn to juggle!

This task will help you improve attention and reaction. It is critical in space. Imagine how fun it is to juggle in weightlessness.

Put hashtags and involve your family.

Task #5 for adults

This week’s task is for your abs. We continue workng out at home but add some intensity. The exercise is called Earth in a window. You need to roll and lift your body.

Publish your videos in Instagram and mind hashtags! You may speed up the video.

Theme of this week is Good habits. Tell us what your fitness instructor has taught you during the Marathon.

Good and healthy habits improve quality of our life! Stay healthy!

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